World Artists Experiences (WAE) Envisions a world where citizens open dialogues, establish friendships and build fruitful partnerships that foster mutual understanding, respect, trust, and peace  among the people and cultures of our world..


TO carry out its vision, WAE bridges international understanding through cultural and citizen diplomacy in communities (primarily away from major cities), colleges and schools.  WAE encourages interaction with the people of the world by providing channels for communication and exchanges that develop mutual understanding through cultural experiences and other opportunities.  WAE promotes exchanges among organizations and individuals that want to learn and interact directly with the world‘s people. By working in communities with schools, colleges and the total community, WAE hopes to build community both here and within our world.


  • Unite the world through dialogue creating mutual understanding.
  • Encourage respect, trust and hope among the world’s people
  • Foster an appreciation for diversity
  • Empower children, youth and adults to be goodwill ambassadors in the world.
  • Celebrate the creativity of the people of the world.
  • Develop friendships among the people of the world
  • Embrace the commonalties and respect the difference of people


  • Maintain a global perspective and international engagement.
  • Enhance understanding by listening, observing, and learning together.
  • Promote hope and peace in the world.
  • Demonstrate hospitality and inclusiveness in all situations.
  • Encourage all people of the world to express themselves.
  • Use the arts as a means of understanding one another... the spirit and the creativity of the human spirit and an international language.

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World Writing Project


The 2017 World Artist Experiences’ Bridge to the World Writing Project will continue for its seventh year, offering Maryland students in grades 3–12 the opportunity to reflect on and write about living in our shared global community. (read more)...

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